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Up And Over Garage Doors – The Complete Guide

If you’re thinking of investing in a garage door, the team at Garage Door Repair Man have pulled together to provide you with our complete guide to up and over garage doors and why they are currently one of the UK’s most popular and cost-effective garage doors for your property.


What Is An Up And Over Garage Door?

An up and over garage door does exactly what it says on the tin! One of the most popular types of garage door in the UK, up and over garage doors consist of a sliding panel door that is lifted upwards, tilted and then ran across a series of tracks until it lays flat above your head and flush with the ceiling. This takes up minimal space within your garage. Made from a singular sheet of metal or material, this type of garage door provides a high level of security as the panel is very inflexible and hard to manipulate.

There are two types of operating systems when it comes to the lifting of your garage door.



A canopy operating mechanism leaves the door protruding out of the entrance of the garage, by a third of its width once opened, as though it were a ‘canopy.’ The tracks are positioned down the sides of the garage door and attached to the frame via wheels on either side and folding metal arms attached to each side. The higher the door is lifted, the father the wheels roll up the tracks.

This type of up and over garage door is great if you want a little extra cover from the elements when working in and around your garage.



A retractable mechanism is very similar in the design and operation of a canopy. However, with this type of door, the tracks are fitted to the roof of your garage rather than on the sides of the door. The foldable metal arms are also usually spring-loaded, giving them extra lifting power, helping with the opening. This means that when opened, the garage door is rolled backwards and upwards onto these tracks, to sit inside your garage, with no overhang. This type of up and over garage door, is more suited to electric operation due to smooth opening and full retraction.


Up And Over Garage Door Problems

There are a number of problems that your up and over garage door may face, and most have simple solutions, which can be solved through regular maintenance!


Old Rollers

First things first, how many times do you open your garage door a year? If your car is housed in here, then the answer is probably hundreds, and teetering into the thousands! Over the years, the rollers on your garage door mechanism are likely to be worn down due to moving up and down the track system. To ensure your garage is working at it’s best, we would recommend replacing your rollers every five years, to avoid costly damage further down the line.


Bent, Broken or Obstructed Tracks

Does your garage door go through stages of becoming stuck or not opening fully all the way? This may be due to a problem with your tracks. Up and over garage doors are operated via a track system and are prone to becoming broken or bent after years of use. This prevents the rollers from being able to smoothly glide across the tracks and lift your garage door into its fully upright positioning. Sometimes, the rollers may even slide off the tracks completely! Try knocking your tracks back into shape.

Check the tracks for any debris that may be causing an obstruction to the rollers, and use a damp cloth or old toothbrush to clean them of debris. If you have identified the areas in which your garage door keeps getting stuck, but there aren’t any obvious signs of damage, try using a lubricant on the moving parts of your mechanism to keep them gliding freely.

If all else fails, then one of our expert engineers will be more than happy to help repair your up and over garage door.


Snapped Cable or Spring

If you find that your garage door is experiencing problems being lifted, staying open or when it comes to closing it’s all but crashing down to the ground due to its weight, then you may be experiencing a broken cable or spring. This can be a very dangerous hazard to both yourself and others that use the garage and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

We also would not recommend trying to fix this on your own due to the sheer weight of the garage door, and the probability of it falling. Therefore it would be best to hire a professional to resolve the issue.

In the event of a spring or cable failure, most new up and over garage doors are fitted with an anti-drop device. This is to prevent your door from crashing to the floor. However, it does depend on the make, model and year your garage door was fitted as to whether one has been installed.


How To Open A Locked Up And Over Garage Door

As standard, up and over garage doors are fitted with a central locking mechanism, which are opened by a key and two internal locks. There is also the option for your garage door to be implemented with four locking points accessed from the inside of your garage for extra security. Implementing a Yale or ABS euro cylinder lock prevents your garage door from being unlocked by lock-picking or drilling. 

Another way to secure your garage door would be to attach a padlock through the vertical track to prevent it from being opened manually. If you have an automatic garage door, we would also suggest securing your garage door release with cable ties to prevent burglars from gaining access. 


How Can Garage Door Repair Man Help You?

If you’re looking for more advice on the benefits of an up and over garage door or would like more information on our services and the options available for you and your home, please get in touch with an engineer today. Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 542 7652 to speak to one of our friendly experts or contact our emergency engineer on 07957 353 228, for an emergency repair.


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